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    Caring For Orphans in Distress – #KeepLexiHome


    Our plane touched down in California last night after being out-of-town all weekend. We turned on our phones and were flooded with notifications about #KeepLexiHome. We watched the videos of a little girl named Lexi being taken away from her family and we sobbed right there in our seats.

    Lexi is the niece of a friend and we were acquainted with her family when we attended Grace Community Church. Six year old Lexi was removed yesterday from her long-time foster family because she is 1.5% Native American. Lexi’s family and friends are desperately trying to overturn the decision of the courts and #KeepLexiHome. (Read more here.)

    Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are urgent for this family. This trial has prompted me to think about what a believer’s response should be to something like this. My husband and I jotted down a few things this morning.

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