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Old Testament Bible Reading Plan


I am excited to spend 2014 reading through the Old Testament!

This year I wanted to focus on reading through the Old Testament. So I “Googled “Old Testament Bible reading plans. I found nothing. Every plan is either both the Old and New Testaments or just the New Testament.  I was sad that there are no Old Testament only plans. I think it shows how we do not read the Old Testament enough. So I created my own Old Testament reading plan.

With this plan, you will read three chapters of the OT each day. I have already been doing this and it takes me about 10 minutes to read three chapters. If you want to read double that, you can easily get through this plan twice in one year.

Each week is five days in length. I did this because I know my own tendencies with devotions and sometimes I miss days. So it should give you flexibility if you miss a day here or there. Or if you want to read something different on the weekends.

Each week also has three Psalms assigned to it. There are no set days for reading those Psalms. So you can read them when you want or read them on the weekends.

I designed this plan to be flexible because we can’t always predict what will come up in our lives. There are also handy check-boxes because if you are like me, you like to check things off! The weeks do not have specific dates so you can start whenever.

I think it is important that we know the Old Testament thoroughly because:

1. It sets the stage for God’s redemptive plan that is fulfilled in the New Testament. 

2. It shows that on our own we can never fulfill the Law. 

3. It displays God’s glorious might and sovereign work through all of time.

I pray that this plan would be a blessing to you!

Click here for the titus2minutes Bible Reading Plan


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