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Caring For Orphans in Distress – #KeepLexiHome


Our plane touched down in California last night after being out-of-town all weekend. We turned on our phones and were flooded with notifications about #KeepLexiHome. We watched the videos of a little girl named Lexi being taken away from her family and we sobbed right there in our seats.

Lexi is the niece of a friend and we were acquainted with her family when we attended Grace Community Church. Six year old Lexi was removed yesterday from her long-time foster family because she is 1.5% Native American. Lexi’s family and friends are desperately trying to overturn the decision of the courts and #KeepLexiHome. (Read more here.)

Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are urgent for this family. This trial has prompted me to think about what a believer’s response should be to something like this. My husband and I jotted down a few things this morning.


It is right as believers to be sorrowful. This situation is evidence that we live in a sinful, broken world. Sinful, broken people cause more sin and brokenness. We have a broken system that does not always look out for the best interests of children. As believers, we need to realize that sin has devastating effects. Sin might have instant gratification, but it has long-term consequences. May we be reminded about the seriousness of sin.


But, as believers, we have hope. We have hope that Christ has triumphed over sin. We have hope that one day we will live in Heaven and there will be no more tears. We have hope that we serve a great God who has the power to change a situation. Our hope is not in man or the law, but in a Sovereign Ruler.


As believers, we can disagree with a decision that has been made. But let us disagree honorably. We are called in Scripture to be at peace with all men, as much as is possible. Let us disagree with grace and love. Let us pursue change in a manner that brings honor to the Lord.


All eyes are on our community right now. We have an opportunity more than ever to point souls to Christ. Our friends and family are observing how we handle this situation. Let them see our sorrow over sin, our hope in Christ, and our loving disagreement.


Right now we have a very tangible opportunity to bear one another’s burdens. We have the opportunity to come alongside the Page family and bear their burden. We can bear their burden practically by:

  • Praying
  • Signing (They are trying to make it to a goal of 100,000 signatures. Please consider signing.)
  • Helping
  • Donating


The Page’s situation brings light to many other similar situations. There are 400,000+ children in the foster care system. And far too often, children are removed from loving, stable homes. We need to be aware of those in our community who have invested their hearts. They need our support too. When you foster a child, you open up your heart and you know that there is a possibility that your heart could be broken. Consider those around you who foster and consider fostering yourself. There are so many children who need love and exposure to the Gospel.

Caring for Orphans in Their Distress

James 1:27 speaks about caring for orphans in their distress. There is a little girl who has been orphaned judicially and who is in distress. Let us surround this family (and other families who have opened their hearts) with love, support, and prayer. We have hope in a great God who can use a sorrowful situation for His glory and the furtherance of the Gospel.

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