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New Testament Bible Reading Plan

Several years ago, after not being able to find an Old Testament Bible reading plan, I created my own. As we end each year, I always like to share again my reading plan in case anyone is looking for a new plan. When I shared the reading plan this year, I had a few friends share that as busy moms/people they felt like it was a doable plan! So I thought that it was high time that I created a New Testament Bible reading plan!

I spent some time today putting together a plan that I hope will be a blessing to many of you. I am excited about being able to post it here!

With this plan, you will go through the New Testament twice in one year. There are five days in a week and fifty weeks for the year. This is done intentionally in case you get behind or if you choose not to read the weekends. There is wiggle room with this plan.

I have kept the weekly Psalms readings that were a part of the Old Testament plan. You will find them on the second page of the document. There are three Psalms per week. You can read these on the weekend or use them to set the tone of your week. (A note: there is one more week of Psalms readings than there are weeks in the New Testament Bible reading plan.)

The idea is that this plan is flexible to fit your needs. The point is that you are immersing yourself in God’s Word and that you are reading consistently. If you miss a day here or there, no problem! It is easy to get back on track.

I pray that this plan would be a blessing to you and that you would see your life transformed as you spend time in God’s Word!

Click here for the titus2minutes New Testament Bible Reading Plan


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