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52 Date Nights for 2017


It was an ambitious endeavor. We knew that when we made the New Years Resolution. But we did not know what a big year it would be for our family. We knew we were going to have a baby that year (I was about 38 weeks pregnant last New Years). But we did not know that in a few short months we would be moving across the country to a different state (In June, we moved from California to Michigan). Not only was it a location change, but it was a big lifestyle change as well since my husband was starting his first full-time ministry position.

So while we knew it was a big commitment, we did not realize just how hard we would have to work at our resolution. In 2017, we committed to having a weekly date night. Every Thursday night was going to be date night. We knew it was not realistic to go out every Thursday night, nor was that in the budget. But the point was that we wanted to commit to setting aside time to invest in our marriage.

As the year is coming to a close, I am so thankful that we did this! The year was so full of changes, but the one thing that did not change was our date night. The rules were simple: no tv, no texting, no tasks! We wanted to focus on each other not on technology or getting something done. We took turns planning date night which kept it fun and surprising each week. We did have a budget of $10 per week so we could get supplies or a special dessert if we wanted. A lot of the date nights were just having dessert together after the kids went to bed and/or playing games. But here are some of the special nights that we planned:

Date Nights:

  • Fondue night
  • Spouse Scattergories
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Spa night
  • Jacuzzi night
  • Sushi and ice skating
  • Holiday Pops Concert
  • Christmas movie by the Christmas tree
  • Fancy Dinner party after the kids were in bed
  • Dessert and games on the patio
  • Date Night Bingo
  • Antique shopping & dinner
  • Chick-fil-a and shopping for new carpet!
  • Dinner & a hot air balloon festival (which we totally ended up missing!)

Lessons Learned: 

  • Your marriage is the priority. Aside from your relationship with Christ, your marriage is the first priority. Not your job. Not your kids. Not your ministry. Your marriage is your first ministry. It makes a big impact on the other areas of your life when you have this as your first priority. When your marriage is healthy, it positively impacts your work ethic. When your marriage is strong, it is an example to your children. And a solid marriage makes you a more effective minister in the kingdom as your serve together.
  • Setting aside time creates memories. We have so many fun and special memories from this year! In the midst of turning our lives upside down, we invested in our marriage and we reaped the benefits of a stronger, sweeter relationship.
  • Romance is worthy work. We are five years and two kids into this marriage. There are a lot of things that are pulling for our attention. We have to work at romancing one another. But there very few things that are more worthy of investing in. You will reap the benefits for a lifetime if you invest in your marriage.

My Husband Says: 

It was humbling to both plan dates and have you plan dates. For me, to think of dates for you challenged me to become a better student of you in learning what you liked and when, and understanding what would be an encouragement to you.
On the flip side, it was humbling for you to plan dates and to be served – but it was needed and refreshing and encouraging. Especially when you knew what I liked and thought would be a refreshment!
Overall, I would say it was more than just a worthy investment; it was a necessity. We needed this for our marriage. We needed something to look forward to. We didn’t have to invest money, but the point was to invest time into one another. I think moving forward it is a staple in our schedule!


We truly feel like this resolution had a lasting impact on our marriage! We would encourage couples to think about doing a similar challenge in this new year! Romance is worthy work!

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If your marriage and soul needs refreshment, I highly recommend the book “What Did You Expect?” By Paul David Tripp. You can shop the link below.


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