Honoring the Lord

A Prayer for Moms with Toddlers


Lord, It’s 9:00am and I am already tired. I already need to seek forgiveness for being impatient with my toddler. He has already pushed my buttons and it’s not even lunch time.

Grant me patience as we stop and examine every rock, flower and bug on our way from the house to the car. Remind me to delight in your Creation.

Give me diligence to discipline and train him. Again and again and again. Bring to my mind the importance of teaching him to obey. Help me show him what it means to follow the Lord and the blessings that come with obedience. May I be consistent.

Remind me that He is made in Your image and is a unique individual. Help me to know and understand him better so that I can teach him in ways that are beneficial to him specifically. Please help me to not exasperate him. May I rejoice because he is fearfully and wonderfully made!

Please quicken my mind to recall the Scripture that I have hidden away. Let me use it to speak truth into his life. Help me to cover this little one in prayer throughout the day. May I be faithful to study Your Word so that I can accurately disciple him.

Help me to find my identity in You and not in my role as a mother. May I find my fulfillment and joy in doing what You have called me to do.

Cause me to understand that toilet training and changing soiled sheets is kingdom work. It is not simply a mundane task. May I rejoice in the privilege of being a mom.

Allow me the strength to answer the same question five more times. May I exemplify patience and a gentle spirit. Remind me that it is a high calling to disciple these little ones. My ministry may not be public, but it is incredibly important. I am raising a future husband, father, employee, church member. May I understand the gravity of training these young ones.

Help my husband and I to prioritize our marriage so that we may teach our sons the importance of the marriage relationship. May we model a pure, loving, selfless, and fun relationship.

Let me be gracious when he makes mistakes and messes. May I extend to him the grace that I have received through Christ when I make mistakes and messes.

Allow me extra energy to make it through the day when my little ones have kept me up at night. Let me not be frustrated when naps are cut short. Or the toddler is extra fussy. May I take each moment as a gift from you. Even the hard ones.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the privilege of loving and raising my toddler. May I become more like You and may I use every parenting moment to bring You glory!

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